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Last chance to purchase Bockfest Packages! Sales close at 5pm today (3/2), so don't miss your chance to save money and get all the cool Bockfest stuff you know you want! Use the link below for beer tickets, Party Like a Bockstar, and Bockfest Booster Packages. Do it!

Bockfest Package Link:
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It's the Brewsday before the 2023 Sonder Brewing Bockfest!! So many great things going all weekend, including the Bockfest Brewhouse Tour. Inside visitation to this site has been unavailable to the public for many years and this weekend, March 4-5, is the only time guests will be allowed inside before a major restoration and construction project kicks off! Don't miss out on this very limited opportunity, as tickets are going fast and last year's special tour sold out in advance. For additional details and tickets go to: and to find out more about all the great things happening at the 2023 Sonder Brewing Bockfest go to: See you soon!
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It's Brewsday and Sonder Brewing's Bockfest is only 10 days away! So many great events to talk about, but Brewsday is about beer, so let's talk about Bockfest beers! You like beer, right? Well then, this year's Bockfest is the place for you because we have 24 different local breweries supplying us with a bock beer. That's a crazy number to try and drink on your own, but don't worry, we have a way to make it happen.

On Saturday, March 4, from 12-6pm we have a tasting event set up called the Bock Beer Experience, which will provide ticket holders an opportunity to try each one on draft! Tickets for the event are $45 and include 4oz samples of every bock beer on draft at Bockfest plus a Bockfest pint glass. However, in order to make sure everyone participating get's to try each one, we have a limited number of tickets for sale, so make sure to buy yours in advance of Bockfest. Last year's event sold out, so don't miss your chance to try them all at this year's event. Go to: to see all the great breweries participating and to buy your tickets. Do it!
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A big thank you to the Sam Adams Taproom and Matt Stokes for hosting our first Brewing Heritage Trail Member Event! We had a Utopias tasting and presentation by Matt, who let us know everything that goes into creating this unique, 28% ABV, barrel aged beer. Our next member event is in the works and we'll announce it soon, but if you'd like to enjoy all the benefits of a Brewing Heritage Trail Membership, which includes beer discounts at local taprooms and cool events like this, go to: for all the details!
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Happy Brewsday, as we're just a few weeks away from Sonder Brewing's 2023 Bockfest, March 3-5! Since we usually talk about brewing history on Brewsday, I'd like to share some information about how Bockfest got started in Cincinnati 31 years ago.

Bockfest was created by the Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Company to celebrate the brewery's introduction of Christian Moerlein Bock. Prior to Prohibition (1919 in Ohio), Christian Moerlein was the largest brewery in the state and one of the five largest in the nation. Despite its size, the brewery did not re-emerge after Prohibition, but the Hudepohl Brewing Company, originally founded in 1885, did return. Hudepohl was a local favorite for decades. Most Cincinnatians know that, but surprisingly few understand the company's role in helping give America better beer. In 1981, Hudepohl recognized an untapped market in craft beer. The craft beer line was produced under the resurrected name Christian Moerlein to pay homage to Cincinnati brewing history. In 1993, the Moerlein line of craft beers was expanded to include a bock. The company decided to turn the launch of the beer into an entire festival celebrating Cincinnati 's brewing heritage, including a parade. The parade started at Arnold's Bar & Grill because Arnold's is both the city's oldest saloon as well as being the first place to serve the twentieth century Christian Moerlein beer.

With the work and dedication of Hudepohl-Schoenling, bar owners, Over-the-Rhine residents, and non-profit organizations like Merchants of Main Street, the tradition of Bockfest was carried on through subsequent years. During the festival's history, Hudepohl-Schoenling fell on hard times and Bockfest was kept alive largely due to the once-beloved (but now defunct) Barrel House Brewery. When Barrel House left Over-the-Rhine in 2005, the future of Bockfest was placed in question, but a small number of people refused to let that happen. The festival was maintained and, through a great deal of hard work by a number of OTR proponents including the non-profit Brewery District CURC, has grown significantly in the years since 2006.

I hope you'll plan to join us for this year's festivities March 3-5, at Findlay Playground on Vine Street and for more information about all the great things planned for the event go to:

See you soon!
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