Brewing Heritage Trail
Brewing Heritage Trail2 days ago
It's the Brewsday before our Tour Center's Brewstravaganza Sale on February 17 & 18! As you can see, our pal Brewster is super excited and working on his shopping list. We'll have $5 Bockfest t-shirts and posters, all pint glasses are just $2, not to mention many one-off items related to Bockfest from year's past, like hall banners and signage. Oh yeah, did I mention that we're featuring beer from Dayton's Warped Wing Brewing Company?

Have you taken a tour with the Brewing Heritage Trail recently? We have tickets available for several of our tours this weekend, so come grab some merch, a local craft beer, and experience some brewing history! For tour tickets, go to: and we'll see you this weekend at the tour center, located at 1939 Race Street, 10am-5pm on Saturday and 11am-5pm on Sunday. Do it!

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Brewing Heritage Trail
Brewing Heritage Trail1 week ago
It's Brewsday and we're less than a month away from the 32nd Annual Bockfest, taking place March 1-3! Many of you are probably aware of the weirdness that kicks off the event, which is the Bockfest Parade! Attendees (marcher or otherwise) dress up in all kinds of ways, so with that in mind, I thought I'd post something to inspire you to get extra weird this year.

I'm not sure how much marching this guy could accomplish between his footwear selection and the amount of beverages he's certainly consumed, but best of all, he's able to supply his primate pal with a quick beverage, so he doesn't have to stop partying! Hopefully, that's beer coming out of the tap!

With that in mind, do you have a great Bockfest parade pick to share? Post it here for everyone to see and hopefully we'll see you at this year's parade! For all things Bockfest, go to the recently updated for more details about what is on tap!

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Brewing Heritage Trail
Brewing Heritage Trail2 weeks ago
It's Brewsday, and we have something special to share today! 2024 Bockfest is coming up soon (March 1-3) and we're offering a special tour just for that weekend! The Hamilton Brewery originally opened on this site in 1846 and after Prohibition, it became the Clyffside Brewery. We'll explore their former 1937 packaging/shipping facility, operated today by the modern Cincinnati Beverage Company. They brew and package Hudepohl, Christian Moerlein, and Little Kings brand beers there. Upon arriving we'll grab a bock beer (included with the tour ticket), then check out their modern brewery production line, learn some history about the site and plans for future use.

This historic & modern brewing site is not normally open to the public and this tour during Bockfest weekend is the only way to see it! Go to: and hopefully we'll see you soon along the Brewing Heritage Trail!

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Brewing Heritage Trail
Brewing Heritage Trail3 weeks ago
It's Brewsday, so let's check out some Cincinnati Beer Art! All along the Brewing Heritage Trail there are some really great beer themed art installations by many local artists. From large murals like "Grain to Glass" by Jim Effler and "Revival" by Keith Neltner to smaller pieces like "Billy & Schnitzel" by Yetti Frenkel's studio and the "OTR Beermaid" by Koverman Mosaic, they all help tell the story of the city's brewing history.

If you'd like to check some of them out in person, the Brewing Heritage Trail offers a guided tour of our neighborhood trail called the Brewers & Barons Trail Tour. Go to for all the details!

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Brewing Heritage Trail
Brewing Heritage Trail4 weeks ago
It's Brewsday, so let's talk some brewing history! National Prohibition begins in 1920, but before that sad time came about, individual states had begun to enact laws to restrict alcohol sales. In 1908, a change in state law enabled Ohio counties to vote themselves “dry.” Hundreds of small town saloons were forced out of business, but breweries could ship cases of beer directly to consumers in “dry” areas. This also got many breweries thinking about producing non-alcoholic beverages. Some of them were soft drinks, such as root beer and ginger ale, others were known as cereal beverages, but they were essentially non-alcoholic beer.

One of the more interesting examples of cereal beverages comes from the Crown Brewing Company, which was located along McMicken Ave. in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. It was called "Tang" and one of their selling points was to let potential buyers know that it had "A peculiar taste unto its own." Mmmm, sounds delicious! Well, as you can imagine, most of these products sold about as well as non-alcoholic beers sell today. There was a small market for them, but profits were few, forcing many breweries to eventually close before Prohibition was repealed in 1933.

Many of the Crown Brewery's structures still exist today and the Brewing Heritage Trail has access to their underground lagering cellars. So if you'd like to learn more and check them out for yourself, go to our website at: and look for the Brewers & Barons Trail Tour!

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Brewing Heritage Trail
Brewing Heritage Trail1 month ago
Did you know the Brewing Heritage Trail has a membership program? By becoming a member, you can help preserve local brewing history and participate in some great activities throughout the year! The Brewing Heritage Trail is a non-profit organization that celebrates, protects, and promotes Cincinnati’s unique brewing heritage and by becoming member, you can help support our mission, but that’s not all, your annual membership comes with exclusive benefits such as discounts on BHT Tours and Merchandise, discounts at local taprooms, and exclusive access to special events throughout the year!

Here are some of the great things our members got to do in 2023:
- Experienced a Utopias tasting and presentation at Sam Adams taproom.
- Visited Valley View, a local hop farm, during harvest time and got to see the whole process in action, while sipping on some delicious beverages from the Little Miami Brewing Company!
- Five lucky members were chosen to be "Brewer for a Day" at the Little Miami Brewing Company, where they helped brew a batch of Harvest Moon Pale Ale!
- Our Members also get to go behind the scenes at special events, like when we were invited into the lower levels of Northern Row Brewery & Distillery to learn about some hidden history of the building, in addition to their bonded spirit processes!

We've got some great events planned for 2024 and more to come! Go to: for all the details or contact us at or 513-604-9812 if you have questions about our memberships, tours, or anything else that involves our organization!

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