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Guided Tours

The Brewing Heritage Trail invites the world to explore Cincinnati's brewing heritage through an unrivaled urban walking trail. Iconic signage and public art and an app that provides additional stories, self guided audio tours, photos, and visual experiences can be accessed at any time, but the best way to experience the Trail is a guided tour or any of our special events

Guided Tours

The non-profit Brewery District CURC began giving the first walking tours of brewery sites in Cincinnati in 2006. In the years since, the Brewery District has been expanding its tour offerings and transforming heritage tourism in Cincinnati by building an unrivaled urban walking trail. With the opening of The Brewing Heritage Trail in 2018, the Brewery District CURC has revisited, improved and in some cases reinvented everything about its tours in order to offer Cincinnati's best tour experiences. While some guided tours take visitors on portions of the Brewing Heritage Trail with special access to locations that are not typically open to the public, other tours are completely independent of the Trail. Tours are available all year long.


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90 Min Walking Tour: All Year

Starting at the Christian Moerlein Malthouse Tap Room, we share the stories of the men who built and worked in 19th century breweries, exploring dangerous working conditions, grueling hours, and the growing divide between the workers who made the beer and the “Beer Barons” who built fortunes by producing America’s best brews. Tours include a trip deep into the subterranean lagering cellars of the Schmidt Brothers / Crown Brewery.


Haunted Brewery Tour

30 Min Experience: Oct

The Haunted Brewery Tour: Can You Solve the Mystery?  takes patrons on a trip back in time to meet actual colorful (and doomed!) characters in Cincinnati brewing history. Or are they? Of the five historic vignettes on the tour, four are real but one is fiction. There are clues and hands-on, interactive puzzles along the way to help you solve the mystery. Will your group guess correctly? If you do, a special prize and your place in history await you. Tour takes place in  Christian Moerlein Brewery & Malthouse Tap Room


Gilded Brew

90 Min Walking Tour: May-Oct

Starting at the Findlay Market Biergarten, we witness the evolution of the brewing industry through the size, complexity, & architectural grandeur of our historic breweries. Along the way we share the stories of those who built or doomed these brewing empires during beer’s industrial revolution. Tours include a visit into the vast subterranean lagering cellars of the Jackson Brewery


Riverboats & Roots

60 Minute Walking Tour: May-Oct

Starting at the Moerlein Lager House, on this 60 minute tour we learn the roots of Cincinnati’s grand brewing heritage from the first breweries on the riverfront to shipping beer worldwide from Public Landing. The tour then returns to modern day with a tour of the award winning brewery in the Moerlein Lager House, and ends with a complementary beer.


Brunch, Beer, & Breweries


Starting at the Christian Moerlein MalthouseTap Room (1621 Moore St), we hop on the streetcar to the Moerlein Lager House. With our first beer tasting, we take a behind-the-scenes tour of the brewpub and the rich history showcased there. After brunch, we head back to the Brewery District on the streetcar, learning about our grand brewing heritage still there. Back at the Moerlein Brewery, we grab our next round of beer for a tour of the brewery and historic malt cellars, before finishing our day at the bar.


Heritage & Hops

4 Hr Walking & Bus Tour: All Year

This collaboration tour with Cincy Brew Bus spans two centuries of Cincinnati beer. Starting at the Christian Moerlein Brewery & Malthouse Tap Room (1621 Moore St) visitors will walk along the Trail and visit into the historic Jackson Brewery lagering cellars and learn about what made those breweries such an important part of our heritage. The tour continues on the Cincy Brew Bus with visits to 3 local craft breweries with a behind the scenes tour and 16-20 ounces of fresh, locally made beer.


Private Tours

Available all year

Private tours can be arranged for your special event, work outing, or just to create a custom experience. Begin by filling out the form HERE or contacting us at


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