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Brewing plays an important role in Cincinnati's rich and colorful history. It was one of the city's largest industries, helping shape the region's economy and culture. Beer history allows us to celebrate our heritage in an entertaining and lighthearted way, but the Brewing Heritage Trail is about much more than beer. The Trail shares the stories of the people who shaped Cincinnati and our collective American past. It enters the daily lives of nineteenth and early twentieth century families; and explores how industrialization changed the American workplace, why vice reached epic levels during the late 1800s and how Prohibition permanently altered the character of the city. 

The Brewing Heritage Trail is multifaceted. In addition to signs and markers that give the Trail an iconic feel, guided audio tours provide the opportunity to customize experiences and immerse the visitor in different aspects and perspectives of history. Audio tours and accompanying photos, videos and augmented reality will enable the Trail to traverse themes as diverse as nineteenth century architecture, woman's suffrage, Progressive Era politics, brewery scandals and the history of medicine. The Brewing Heritage Trail will also boast a collection of public art and interactive installations. All of these elements will create the world's most innovative urban walking trail. 

Every aspect of the Trail is an ongoing project. Future segments, customized content, public art and installations will only become a reality with the support of visitors, partners, sponsors and donors. Whether you wear the trail on a hat or shirt, take a guided tour, become an advertiser, sponsor a specific installation or element of the trail, volunteer at an event or make a donation to the cause, you can become an essential part of making the Brewing Heritage Trail an unrivaled experience.

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